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Festival Do's and Don't's

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If you’re camping at a music festival this year, check out our do’s and don’t’s guide.

Music festivals have their roots in the heady days of the hippy seventies. And one guiding rule from the ‘peace-man’ era still remains today: tread lightly in the world. It’s an unspoken rule that when camping on any patch of grass you take with you anything you brought with you, leaving the land as you found it. Camping and festivals are all about getting away from civilisation. It may be fashionable to turn slightly feral at festivals but that doesn’t mean turning completely wild. We’re not going to dish out the ten camping commandments written in stone. Your soul won’t burn in hell if you ignore our advice. But you may have a more enjoyable camping and festival experience.

Festival Do’s:

l  Love thy Neighbour – Do treat your fellow campers and neighbouring tents with some respect. If you must party till the early hours in Glastonbury, then the least you can do is offer them an invite.

l  Plug in, Tune out – Invest in ear plugs. It sounds crazy – after all, a music festival is all about the noise. But as above, noisy neighbours may be unavoidable, and if you need your beauty sleep, ear plugs are a must.

l  Respect the Loo Roll – Camping at music festivals will give you a healthy respect for loo roll. Don’t squander it.

l  Water water everywhere…and not a drop to drink. It may rain continuously, but remember to take a water bottle. Even if is wet outdoors, serious partying demands serious hydrating.

l  Wellies Rock – always pack a pair.

l  Tentastic! Make sure your tent is sturdy, waterproof, big enough for the number of bodies required, and visible in a sea of tents (design a colourful tent flag!)

Festival Don’t’s:

l  Drink and be merry, sure! But don’t go mad and down as much booze as you can in the first hour of your camping festivities – you’ll miss all the acts.

l  Forget the wet wipes.

l  Don’t forget the basics: tent, sleeping bag, camping equipment, food and water.

l  Go to a festival and camp with a brand new, untested tent – always do a trial tent erection in your garden so you know it all works and how it all fits.


l  Arrive at nighttime or too late into the festival – you’ll end up miles away from the action or in the worst possible camping spot (next door to the portaloos?)

l  Leave valuables around – thefts from tents is a big problem in huge festivals like Glastonbury. It’s simple: leave your valuables at home. Stick to the basics. The less weighed down by things you are, the freer you are to have fun. Some big festivals have lockers if you simply can’t leave that diamond ring at home.

l  Take lots of glass bottles of booze – they’ll be confiscated at most festivals, but do take you’re own alcohol to save cash in plastic bottles.


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SSENTIALS • Travel & Festival Tickets • Identification • Directions / Maps • Cash & Cards • Keys • CLOTHING • Raincoat & Waterproofs • Wellies • Sunglasses • Headgear• Clothes & Shoes • LUGGAGE • Camera • Phone • Torch • Umbrella • Tent • Sleeping Bag / Pillow / Mat • Chargers / Batteries • Books / Magazines • MP3 Player • Bin Liners & Laundry bag • TOILETRIES • Toothbrush & Toothpaste • Deodorant / Anti-persperant •Brush / Comb • Towel & Cloth • Soap • Shampoo / Conditioner • Tissues / Wipes • Mirror •Contraception • MEDICATION • Prescriptions • First aid kit • Paracetamol • Sunscreen •Insect Repellent • Glasses / Contacts & Solution • EXTRAS • Lighter / Matches • Gaffa Tape • Penknife • Bottle & Tin Openers • Cutlery • Cooking Equipment • Flag • Picnic Blanket • Food & Drink


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hi , guys hope your all set for our ultra live music festival . We cant wait for D day , 3 day camping which means you have to get all your camping gear ready , tents , sleeping bags , spare clothes , wellies and most importantly toilet paper ,it is one of the essestial of festivals . The weather seams to be improving for the festival but with the typical irish weather we cant always trust the weather man . Be prepared ,make sure you all have warm clothes , a spare pair of clothes and of course high socks to put over your wellies because there is a bit of walking to be done and lets face it guys you dont want wellie rash and end up not being able to walk to the stages 🙂